Frequently Asked Questions

by Scott Webmaster

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Kenwood radios compatible with other business radios ?

Yes! All you have to do is match the frequency and code.

Can a VHF radio talk to a UHF radio?

No! VHF and UHF frequency bands are not compatible.

Is an FCC license required?

YES! You can download FCC form 601 and instructions at or call 1-888-call-fcc.

How far can I talk?

Talk range will vary based upon terrain, conditions and type of radio. The best talk range conditions is flat ground without obstructions, your radio will talk for many miles.

Why are Kenwood radios so durable and rugged?

Simply because Kenwood knows that radios have to be tough to withstand the years of hard indoor and outdoor usage and ProTalk® radios are specially designed to meet or exceed rigid Mil-Spec standards established by the US Department of Defense.

How long will the Kenwood battery last and how long does it take to recharge?

with Battery
3 Hrs.1.430 mAh11/15 Hrs.3.9oz
TK-2400V16P / TK-3400U16P
3 Hrs. 2,000 mAh 17/22 Hrs. 9.9oz
NX-240V16P / NX-340U16P
3 Hrs. 2,000 mAh 10/12 Hrs. 9.9oz
2.5 Hrs. 2,000 mAh 14/18 Hrs. 5.5oz
3 Hrs. 2,200 mAh 14/15.5 Hrs.5.64oz

Battery Save Function Off / Battery Save Function On

How do I know which Kenwood radio to use?

Determine how the radio will be used: UHF is better indoors through concrete walls or floors, etc. and VHF is better outdoors through foliage or line of site. Also, the higher power radio power, the further distance it will talk clearly.