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  • Efficient UV lamp: The UV light sterilizer can reach 99.9% sterilization rate and it can purify air and remove odor at 360 degree. It can provide a healthier living environment to your family
  • High Quality Air Purifier Lamp: The lamp tube is made of high-purity quartz glass. It helps to purify air
  • Widely Use: It’s a Germicidal Lamp. It can be used in bedroom, kitchen, washing room, toilet, babies’ room, office
  • During the use of this product, the surface of the UV lamp should be kept clean. When dust and oil are found on the surface of the lamp, wipe it in time to avoid affecting the sterilization effect
  • Wavelength(nm) Ozone free 253.7nm 

UV Lamp info (WBM-UV_Lamp_copy.pdf, 1,014 Kb) [Download]

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